The Beers

  • The Gig Ale
    The Gig Ale
    4.5 %
    A dark amber bitter with a good malty base with just enough hop flavours to make it ridiculously easy to drink.
  • Azores
    4.2 %
    A naturally brewed Pale Ale. American Cascade hops combine with English First Gold to produce a balanced mid-Atlantic blend of grapefruit and orange with a gentle bitter backdrop. A little crystal malt adds depth to the flavour, with a base of extra pale malt keeping its pale colour.
    Sponsored by Minky (Legion Campbell)
  • Mandarina
    4.5 %
    Pale Ale, Orange notes persist from the nose to the finish without over whelming. Fruit zest adds to the hops of the beers name.
  • Fistral
    5.2 %
    Premium blond. Lager and wheat malts underpin English and German hops, which combine to give an infusion of floral and citrus notes.
  • Fisher King
    Fisher King
    3.8 %
    Our new low ABV pale ale. Brewed with a mix of Brittish pale and Cara malt as well as some of our favourite American hops. Expect a light, easy to drink pale ale with a nice tropical aroma. Far too easy to drink.
  • Naughty Pilchard
    Naughty Pilchard
    4.0 %
    Our interpretation of a best bitter. Brewed with a mix of four different malts and plenty of late new world hops means this is no ordinary sardine.
    Sponsored by T H Sandry & Son
  • Golden Gauntlet
    Golden Gauntlet
    4.0 %
    Golden ale with a punchy bitterness from first gold hops. A real thirst quencher of a beer. Lots of mouth feel given the low ABV.
    Sponsored by Richard Philp
  • Lostwithiale
    7.0 %
    Ruby red porter. It has a smooth fortifying taste for a high ABV. Lots of wheat malt gives this ale a hint of bubble gum in the flavour, partnered with cluster and cascade hops.
    Sponsored by Millers Taxi's
  • Fleet Fest Ale
    Fleet Fest Ale
    4.3 %
    A pale gold citrus beer, that is refreshing and hoppy. The flavours in the beer make it really easy to drink for its strength.
    Sponsored by Well Parc
  • Cornish Cascade
    Cornish Cascade
    5.0 %
    A rich fruity gold ale packed with American hops in this well hopped bitter. Gives this beer a pleasant citrus hop finish.
    Sponsored by Higher Harlyn
  • Honey Fuggle
    Honey Fuggle
    4.5 %
    Made with a bucket of Cornish Honey.
  • Red IPA
    Red IPA
    5.9 %
    A strong Indian pale ale with a distinctive red hue. Medium bitterness, made with pale and a touch of crystal malts. Well hopped with Nelson Sauvin and Cascade.
    Sponsored by Spar - Padstow
  • Demelza
    4.5 %
    Amber ale with crystal malts and Cornish grown golding hops which gives a citrusy fruity flavour.
    Sponsored by Jackie Stanley
  • Devils Jump
    Devils Jump
    5.0 %
    A light Golden IPA with hints of grapefruit, pine and honey with a light bitterness.
    Sponsored by Morton Bros
  • Red River Rye
    Red River Rye
    4.8 %
    Rich rye malt base with first gold and archer hops, giving a grassy peachy hop flavour.
    Sponsored by JoJo’s Kitchen
  • Lous Brew
    Lous Brew
    5.0 %
    Golden, Hoppy with citrus and grassy aromas.
    Sponsored by Ray Mills
  • Surf Bum IPA
    Surf Bum IPA
    3.5 %
    Californian style IPA, using distinctive hops from some of the best surfing countries. These combine to make a light hoppy beer, perfect after awesome summer surf in the Cornish sunshine.
  • Gold Rush
    Gold Rush
    4.0 %
    This is a refreshing, classic, crisp and complex beer, which will hopefully have you searching for more.
    4.8 %
    This is a real tribute to the good ol’ US of A, with big flavours coming from a trio of their finest hops.
    Sponsored by Amazon Construction Ltd
  • West Coast Session
    West Coast Session
    4.5 %
    Tastes tropical and of citrus fruits with aromas of mango and orange.
  • New England IPA
    New England IPA
    5.5 %
    A cloudy juicy IPA with tropical fruit and citrus flavours and aromas of mango, pineapple and citrus.
    Sponsored by Jerry Fitzpatrick
  • Daymer Extra Pale Ale
    Daymer Extra Pale Ale
    3.8 %
    Super pale ale with citrus and pineapple flavours
    Sponsored by Bridge Bike Hire
  • Harbour IPA
    Harbour IPA
    5.2 %
    A modern interpretation of the British classic with pronounced American hop aromas. This golden ale has citrus characters and robust yet balanced bitterness.
    Sponsored by Anon
  • Beheaded
    7.5 %
    Keltek's strongest ale and is extremely deceptive with a smooth, slightly sweet flavour and none of the normal alcoholic "twang" often associated with very strong beers. It must be enjoyed with respect.
    Sponsored by The BBQ Crew
  • Magik
    4.0 %
    Traditional bitter full of malt and hop flavours.
    Sponsored by Amazon Construction Ltd
  • King
    5.1 %
    A premium bitter exceptionally well balanced.
    Sponsored by The Farmers Arms
  • St Tudy Ale
    St Tudy Ale
    4.0 %
    This 4% soft copper ale was created in collaboration with award winning chef Emily Scott. We think it’s the perfect session bitter.
  • Stowaway
    4.0 %
    Balanced and moreish.
    Sponsored by Base Campers
  • Windjammer
    4.3 %
    A copper colour ale with the aroma of dried fruits and balanced hopping. Uses speciality malt for a slightly malty distinctive aftertaste.
  • Padstow May Day
    Padstow May Day
    5.0 %
    Our most important seasonal brew of the year, brewed specially for the Padstow May Day celebrations. An extra pale Summer Ale that is both crisp and smooth. Aroma hopping gives citrus and tropical notes on a long finish. Celebrate the Summer whether the sun shines or not!
    Sponsored by Chris Swabey Building & Construction
  • Atlantic
    4.2 %
    Atlantic is a deep golden colour. The aroma of Pale ale is a blend of stunning citrus notes, juicy tropical fruits and fresh picked hops with a touch of candy floss. The flavour has a delicate sweetness with fruity succulence and citrus spice to the fore. The finish is sweet at first becoming dry and lingering with a hop zest.
    Sponsored by Sealife Safari's
  • Sea Fury
    Sea Fury
    5.0 %
    Sea Fury is an exceptional example of the special bitter beer style, offering substance and depth of flavour without compromising balance and drinkability. An aroma of inviting roasted and dark berry notes gives way to sumptuous, fruity, malty flavour and a moreish hop finish.
    Sponsored by Sharps Brewery
  • Sennen
    3.8 %
    Clear, light, crisp beer with hints of tropical fruit, including notes of mango and grapefruit.
  • Betty Stogs
    Betty Stogs
    4.0 %
    Brazen Cornish bitter. Copper coloured, just like Betty, with a light malty aroma a floral, even-cedar taste, and a sharp tang of bitter grapefruit. Hops; Celeia, Northdown, Aurora.
  • Hops and Honey
    Hops and Honey
    4.0 %
    Buzzin’ Honeyed Ale. Floral beneath a delicate spicy tangerine scent with a touch of toffee. Hops; Celeia, Northdown, Aurora.
  • Lushingtons
    4.2 %
    Sunshine Pale Ale. Bursting with fruit, within its bittersweet scent you’ll pick up lime and mangoes with a little lychee. Its creamy texture contains a slight strawberry finish. Hops; Citra, Belma, Willamette.
  • Cornish Knocker
    Cornish Knocker
    4.5 %
    Ground-breaking Golden Ale. The taste of the delicate floral hops trails citrus with a slight pine bitterness and leaves you with a mild biscuit taste…posh ones, not your average digestive. Hops; Celeia, Northdown, Aurora.
    Sponsored by Coastal Coffee
  • Cornish Best
    Cornish Best
    3.5 %
    Bursting with a rich malt, fine fruit and biscuit character followed by a flint dry finish, this Cornish beauty of a beer has a wide appeal.
    Sponsored by Kevin Harris Ltd
  • Tribute
    4.2 %
    Tribute is a popular favourite with locals and visitors to Cornwall, as well as being a much sought after brand throughout the rest of the UK. It is brewed using specially grown Cornish Gold Malt.
    Sponsored by Tregonning Ford
  • Proper Job
    Proper Job
    4.5 %
    Is an authentic IPA brewed with Cornish spring water and a blend of malts including our own Cornish Gold. First brewed in 2006 as a seasonal beer. Powerfully hopped golden bitter that explodes with citrus grapefruit flavours.
    Sponsored by Becky Harper

The Entertainment

Saturday - The Steely Eyed Missle Men!

Steely Eyed Missile Men

Saturday - 50 Year Storm!

50 Year Storm
Plus, In No Particular Order


1pm - 11pm
  • Matt Hodges
  • Darren Vader
  • the Friday night band
  • Ricky Borrie
  • Alex Robertson
  • Ricky Borrie
  • Alex Robertson


1pm - 11pm
  • Sam Casey
  • The Coastal Belles
  • Hazie
  • The Smukes
  • Grapefruit Moon
  • The Shirley's
  • Skelper Quane
  • Mango Tiger

And activities for the children......

  • Harry Kazzam Magic Show
  • Balloon Modelling
  • Face Painting
  • Bouncy Castles

The Details

  • What

    Under 18's Free Entry
    Entry £6
    Package Entry £12: 2 x half pint vouchers, 1 x BBQ voucher, 1 x glass, 1 x Brochure
  • When

    Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th May 2019 1pm til 11pm each day Add to Calendar
  • Where

    Dobbin Road, Trevone, Padstow, Cornwall PL28 8QN
    Get Directions


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